Exmouth Diving Centre’s Exclusive

Good Whaleshark Swim Guarantee Policy !!!

This is in addition to the standard whale shark no-sighting repeat
(which offers a Free Repeat Valid for 3 Years).

Ok so what is this all about?

Simply we want you to have a good swim with the WhaleSharks on the Ningaloo Reef. 

So what we offer exclusively at Exmouth Diving Centre is a  Good Whaleshark Swim Guarantee.

This means if by chance you only get a glimpse of the Whale Shark, because of unforeseeable circumstances, you can come again on the next available tour for FREE!!!! 

        *(conditions apply)

Here are the basic conditions for our Guarantee’s:-

1. If we do not get to see a WhaleShark as they cannot be found that day, we give everyone a free repeat on our next available tour. This is a confirmed seat at absolutely no cost. If we cannot accommodate your travel plans, we will issue you with a voucher that is valid for 3 years to come back and try again.

2. If we see a WhaleShark and we swim with it, but due to bad luck, or severe sea sickness etc, you personally missed the opportunity to have a good swim, we will offer you a standby repeat valid for 1 week. This is a standby seat, so if we’re not fully booked you can come along again and the only cost is the DPaW fee.


                 *  Only if there are available seats on a tour confirmed with more than 10 passengers. 

                 *  Only one free tour for the person who was originally booked on the whaleshark swim tour with E.D.C.

                 *  Cannot be transferred to another customer who booked on a whaleshark swim tour with E.D.C.

                 *  Cannot be exchanged for a refund.

                 *  Available for up to one week after your first tour and is Weather dependant.

                 *  Standby passengers may have to wait for their turn to swim after paying passengers have swum.

                 *  Issue of repeat due to the discretion of the skipper and boat crew on the day, Management has the final decision. 

                 *  D.E.C. fee needs to be paid by the customer for the standby repeat for our “Good WhalesharkSwim Guarantee” on the morning of the tour.

                 *  Standby seat is not to be 100% confirmed until 7:30am on the morning of the tour.

                 *  If more than one person is offered a standby seat from the same tour, the available seat is offered in order of who ever booked first.

                 *  E.D.C. has the right to change allocation of seats, dates of tours, fee’s etc as required.