Veer Patel

Hi Mark and Deb,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Exmouth Diving for the wonderful day out onboard your vessel Blue Strike. We do travel a fair bit and have encounters with various tourism operators however what we experienced on the day blew us away. As a result of this I thought it would take some time to call out exactly what made this experience go beyond our expectation.


We were a group of 9 friends on board with others of various age groups. We had a couple of ladies who weren’t confident swimmers and there was a couple of older people on board who required assistance with being in the water. Under normal circumstances we would’ve expected the crew to hand out pool noodles or life jackets and then leave the people to take care of themselves however your crew went above and beyond to ensure they included everyone and that even the weaker swimmers got an opportunity to experience the whale sharks by literally holding their hands and getting in the water to give them confidence.


I highly commend this level of customer service and have a bit to say about each crew member as they were all exceptional!


Capt Andrew – Super friendly, ensured we got 5-6 jumps with the sharks and even went out of his way on the way back to show us some spinner dolphins despite having to get back early and get the boat tied up due to the incoming cyclone

Deckie Jonno – Welcoming, ensured everyone was fitted up to their comfort and got everyone lined up efficiently. Also provided good banter on board.

Spotter No. 1 Etsi – She brought fun to the day with her bubbly nature ensuring everyone was having a good time and always lifting the mood when things got quiet.

Spotter No. 2 Heather – On the quieter side as compared to Etsi (but that’s a high bar to meet) however her pre dive demos were very clear and she was very helpful in the water ensuring you got the best viewing.

Camera Lady Ciara – She was amazing, made sure everyone got a photo and for the weaker swimmers, she held their hand and kicked harder to tow them to keep up with the whale shark to make sure they got photos taken.


Lastly when we got back we went into the store in town to pay for the USB to get our photos posted to us and the two ladies there who served us were amazing. As the tours for Friday/ Sat and Sun had been cancelled they were inundated with phone calls and juggled multiple mobiles in their hands and spoke politely to every annoyed customer and in all that managed to serve us with a smile.


The above shows how a team can make or break a business and I must say what you have is a winning team so keep doing what your are doing and look forward to coming back to exmouth for another adventure with your business.