Maren Goerdel – incredibly funny and lovely

This is for the owners of Exmouth dive & Whalesharks. We went on the whale shark tour last Monday 7th of June. We wanted to congratulate you on your crew : Nic, Gaston, Estie, Kate and Tash. Not only where they incredibly funny and lovely, they were also incredibly professional and helpful. My partner was very apprehensive about snorkeling, as he is not a good swimmer and had recently hurt his shoulder. Kate took exceptional care of him, and he had a great day and got to see several whale sharks. The atmosphere on the boat was fantastic, Gaston is so good with everything and Nic gives the best safety briefings ever, people actually paid attention. Maybe Qantas should hire him.
Thank you to all your crew for a lovely and amazing day, a really yummy lunch and the best of times. We hope to come back to Exmouth and do it again.
With grateful appreciation,