Swimming With Humpback Whales At Ningaloo Reef

There are only a handful of places in the world where you can swim with humpback whales, and Ningaloo Reef is one of them! At Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo, we’ve been helping visitors from all over the world discover the mystery and majesty of humpback whales both above and below the surface since 1994. Want to know more about how to tick one of the greatest ‘bucket list’ experiences off your list? We’ve got all your questions answered …

How many humpback whales visit Exmouth?

The good news is that ‘whale season’ on the North West Cape means you’re guaranteed to see whales … lots of them. In fact, we get so many humpback whales passing along the Coral Coast, it’s like a revolving door!

As many as 35,000 humpback whales travel north from Antarctica as part of their annual migration cycle, arriving at Ningaloo in late May. They use our warm, gentle waters as a resting place and to mate, taking advantage of deep water of the continental shelf at the rear of Ningaloo Reef. Many mothers calf and suckle their young in this sheltered haven, protected from predators such as bull males and orca.

Our humpback whale season extends right through to late October, and the constant arrival and departure of whales passing through Ningaloo ensures excellent encounters with not only humpback whales, but other species such as southern right whales, pigmy blue whales, false killer whales, and orca. 2019’s season has been spectacular, with many of our tours resembling an episode of National Geographic! Guests have been treated to incredible displays of natural behaviour, leaving them with remarkable photographs and video footage, and memories to last a lifetime.

What’s the best way to get “up close and personal” with humpback whales?

Our range of Humpback Whale Tours, give the opportunity to take a deep dive into the Exmouth ‘whalederness’ with a once-in-a-lifetime whale encounter that will render you awestruck.

Whether you choose to swim in the water under the careful guidance of our experienced Divemasters, or opt to remain on board to appreciate the size and scale of the whales from above the surface, one thing’s for certain: you’ll never forget the first time you see these playful, gentle creatures in action.

We’ve designed a range of all-inclusive tours to suit every budget, timeframe, and comfort level, but the ‘must do’ tour for that giant bucket list tick is our Deluxe Humpback Whale Swim Tour.

This seven-hour adventure tour ensure guests a safe, intimate, in-water experience to observe the natural behaviour of humpbacks in their own habitat. Under the close watch of their guide, swimmers equipped with snorkelling gear can approach humpback whales as close as 30 meters away, providing an excellent surface view and allowing swimmers to listen to the enigmatic beauty of their whalesong.

Humpback whales are naturally curious, and it’s not unusual for them to approach at a safe distance making for a thrilling and unique close encounter. Our in-water videographer will record your priceless experience, and every whale swim participant will take home a complimentary video as a keepsake of their memorable day.

Non-swimming guests on our Deluxe Whale Swim Tour are guaranteed meaningful whale encounters too. Our fully-equipped vessels are licensed to manoeuvre up to 75 meters from the humpbacks – closer than any other whale watching cruise in Australia.

Humpback whales are the great performers of the ocean – whether they’re breaching, slapping their tail flukes or pectoral fins, or showing off their natural grace as they arc through the air, you’re guaranteed to witness plenty of surface activity.

What else can I expect from my whale encounter adventure tour?

Great service, great hospitality, and great bonuses you won’t find with any other operator!

Our dedicated spotter plane communicates via radio with our skipper and in-water guide to ensure you receive the optimal whale encounter. For example, this season we had a ratio of four hours plane-spotting time for two groups of seven people, giving everyone up to three whale encounters! Other companies only provide two hours of plane time across three groups, so when you book with us you’re assured great value for the duration of your tour.

We’re proud of the benchmark we’ve set for our Humpback Whale Tours, from our Deluxe Whale Swim through to our popular Sunset and Afternoon Whale Watching Tours, and Eco Tours. Each tour provides the ultimate Ningaloo experience, showcasing the reef’s locals in all their natural splendour.

As one of our recent five star reviews from TripAdvisor stated:

“Excellent Swim with Whales and Whalesharks: We were lucky. First we had four dives with a humpback whale and calf, then three swims with a whale shark, and even observed a southern right whale. But this unbelievably exciting experience was only made possible by an exceptionally good crew (very informative, helpful and friendly). To say it with Tina Turner’s song, ‘you’re simply the best’. Thank you guys!” (October, 2019)

Join us for a day of fun-filled adventure and excitement

From the moment you climb aboard one of our customised vessels, you’re guaranteed a whale of a time. Your humpback encounter will leave you with treasured memories, an experience you’ll never forget … and bragging rights forever!

With Christmas just around the corner, why not give yourself – or someone special – the greatest gift of all: a bucket list tick worth spouting about!

For more information about swimming with humpback whales and comprehensive details of our diverse range of whale tours, click here.