Preparing For Whale Shark Season On Ningaloo

They’re on their way! When the annual whale shark season swings around at Ningaloo, there’s definitely something in the water. The energy and excitement that sweeps Exmouth is more than a six-month celebration—it’s testimony to the love, awe, and respect locals hold for the ocean’s gentlest giants.

With March 1 heralding the official start of the whale sharks’ arrival to Ningaloo’s tranquil waters

At Exmouth Dive & Whale Shark Ningaloo, we’ve been working hard—on land, below the sea, and in the air—to prepare for our spotty aquatic friends as they make their way along the Coral Coast to take advantage of the abundance of food triggered by the annual spawning of coral.

Of course, we’re rolling out the red carpet for you too!

If you’re heading to Exmouth to experience one of the greatest wonders of the marine world in Ningaloo’s world-heritage listed marine park, our up-close whale shark encounters are worth a double-tick off your bucket list.

Our guests describe their whale shark experience as ‘life changing’, ‘exhilarating’ , ‘emotional’, and a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event. We get it. We’ve been introducing people to whale sharks since 1994, and we still get excited by every sighting!

Here’s a snapshot of the behind the scenes preparations we’ve undertaken to prepare for this year’s arrival of Ningaloo’s favourite celebrities.

  • Our fleet of fully-customised vessels have been refitted, restocked, refurbished, and routinely serviced, ready for a fresh season. Guests are assured maximum safety and comfort. From navigating Ningaloo’s whale shark hotspots, to nurturing healthy appetites with delicious on board lunches and refreshments, our boats are whale shark ready!
  • Our crew are eagerly awaiting the first of the whale sharks. The qualifications and experience of our dedicated dive masters is paramount in ensuring you have a fun-filled and memorable day. We’re welcoming back our long-term crew, as well as some enthusiastic new team members who are looking forward to answering your questions and maximising your whale shark experience, both in water and out.
  • Our ‘eye in the sky’ is being deployed this week! We’ll have a plane in the air scouting for the first of the whale sharks. This proactive approach will last for the duration of the season. In fact, our light aircrafts are in the air longer than any other whale shark swim company along the North West Cape, and our boats are always first on the water. This means less time searching for whale sharks, and more time swimming with them!
  • Our equipment has been restocked and replaced. You’ll find new top-quality wetsuits, masks, and snorkel gear in place ready for tours, with a new shop being fitted out in Exmouth Shopping Mall for variety and convenience.
  • Our bookings are already rolling in and confirmed for 1 March, the start of the whale shark season.

To experience the appeal and allure of whale sharks on an intimate level, you need to immerse yourself in their natural environment. As the Coral Coast’s longest-running operator of adventure snorkel and swim tours, we’ve spent twenty-five years finetuning our eco-adventures so our guests get the best in-water and on-board experience. You’ll find full details of each of our personalised ‘must do’ tours here.

The first of Ningaloo’s many coral spawnings should be happening any day now, kickstarting the food chain that brings in all the mega fauna. If you want to get caught up in the excitement that’s sweeping the North West Cape along with the whale sharks, now’s the time to make your booking.

If you’re keen to a bit of your own preparation before meeting your first whale shark, you can learn more about them with our Guide to Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef