Ningaloo Reef – Top 10 Interesting Facts

Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo are the longest-running operators of adventure dive, swim, and snorkel tours on the Coral Coast. You’d think that after twenty-five years the magic of where we live and work might have worn off a little, but the truth is we’ll never fail to find wonder in our waters!

Ningaloo Reef is unique in many ways, both above and below the surface. Our boutique eco-tours have been instrumental in sharing her beauty and natural assets with thousands of visitors from Australia and across the world, while educating them about Ningaloo’s incredible biodiversity.

Whether you’ve visited Ningaloo Reef before, or you’re yet to tick a trip to Exmouth off your bucket list, we’re sure you’ll find the following facts about World-heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park as truley amazing as we do!

Ningaloo Reef – Top Ten Interesting Facts

  1. Did you know Ningaloo Reef is the world’s largest fringing reef? The intricate coral system spans 250kms along Western Australia’s North West Cape, and in some areas lies mere meters from the shore.
  2. Ningaloo Reef is home to over 450 different species of marine life, including whale sharks, large pelagic fish such as tuna and billfish, humpback whales, dolphins, manta rays, dugong, and turtles (including green, loggerhead, and hawksbill turtles). The Reef is also home to 250 different species of coral, representing over 50% of the Indian Ocean’s entire coral life.
  3. Every year, hundreds of whale sharks, the world’s largest known fish, make their way to the peaceful waters of Ningaloo in their quest for food. Our whale shark swim tours offer the opportunity of a lifetime to swim alongside these gentle giants.
  4. Up to 40,000 humpback whales grace Ningaloo’s pristine waters between June to late October as they make their annual migratory journey north from the Antarctic for mating and calving. We offer in-water or on-deck experiences so you can observe humpbacks up close and personal!
  5. The name ‘Ningaloo’ comes from the Aboriginal Wajarri language word meaning promontory, deep water, or high land jutting into the sea. The Yamatji peoples of the Baying and Yinigudura clans have inhabited the area for over 30,000 years.
  6. The Ningaloo Marine Park was established in 1987 and extended in 2004 to cover the entire reef. It’s World Heritage status was negotiated in 2011, with site boundaries extended to include Ningaloo Marine Park, the Muiron Islands, Jurabi Coastal Park, Bundegi Coastal Park, Cape Range National Park, and the Learmonth Air Weapons Range.
  7. The first documented European landing on the Ningaloo Coast was made by the Dutch Captain Williem Janz of the Mauritius in 1618 near the tip of what is now known as North West Cape.
  8. The Ningaloo Coast is recognised as one of the most important nesting grounds in the world for green and loggerhead turtles. Female turtles make their journey through the reef to lay their clutches of eggs on shore annually between November and March.
  9. Ningaloo Reef is one of only two coral reefs in the world that have formed on the western side of a continent!
  10. The water temperature at Ningaloo Reef is a balmy 22°C – 26 °C depending on the season, meaning you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and scuba adventures in temperate conditions all year round!

Naturally, these facts are a mere drop in the ocean when it comes to the amazing natural wonders of Ningaloo Reef, so head on over to the North West Cape and discover for yourself what makes our Coral Coast region so unique.

If you’re keen to learn more interesting facts about Ningaloo Reef, our fully-qualified, multilingual tour guides are passionate ambassadors for Ningaloo Reef and its colourful inhabitants. They love nothing more than answering guests’ questions, and bring a wealth of local knowledge to their commentary…and that’s a fact!

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