Medical Questionnaire

General Medical Questionnaire

Snorkelling & Diving Tours.

We recommend reading through the medical questionnaire prior to any swimming or diving activity.

This will give you peace of mind when enjoying your holiday, that your health is up to scratch. If you have any questions on any tricky parts of the medical questionnaire, just ask us. We like to know of any medical conditions or prescriptions before your tour, to help us keep you safe. We do not require you to submit this form to us.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any questions, Please just let us know.

This is  just a general Questionnaire for all activities and certain things will be irrelevant to your tour  . We can help you work out what is relevant to the activity you choose… Be Safe.

Medical Questionnaire


Scuba Diving Courses & Discover Scuba Medical Questionnaire

If you are booked in for, or planning a Scuba Course or Discover Scuba (DSD), You MUST read thru the Medical Questionnaire.

If You answerYes” to any questions, please contact us Immediately, You may need to get medical clearance before you can participate.

The same questions will be asked on the morning of your course or DSD & answering ‘Yes’ to any questions will stop you from being able to participate, & no refunds will be available without 4 Days Notification Prior to the start date!

Medical Questionnaire


Full Medical assessment that a Doctor can use for when you answer ‘Yes’ to one of the questions to the Medical Questionnaire above, or if you are under 16 and want to attend a Padi Scuba Course.

Full Medical Assessment (when Answered ‘Yes’ for a Scuba Diving Course)