Snorkelling can be very good at this location, but it is the outer reef, so the journey will be 1.7hrs each way. The Coral stacks are very large and colourful, with mixtures of soft & hard corals, not seen in other areas. This area can be prone to wind & swell at times, which are hard to predict. This is an area recommended for Level 2 snorkellers who are comfortable in deeper water and in some surface chop or current. Beginner snorkellers are welcome, but may struggle at times, it is not shore snorkelling, with depths from as deep as 12 meters, rising to 4m in shallower areas. We do not go to the beach on this tour.

We have a great team who will show you a fantastic day, with as much time as possible with the Whale Sharks. We use a very roomy & Stable 18M Boat, with all the features you need for a great experience. We offer a goodswim Guarentee, to ensure you have the best opportunity to enjoy your Whale Shark swim.

Sorry, only snorkel, due to the wellbeing of the shark. Not being stressed by people crowding it in, If they want to escape they can easily do so by decending to the bottom.

We recommend that you look at the Medical Questionnaire & ask us for advice on your Health when you plan to do any tour or course.

You may be exercising at a level greater than you normally do and we want to ensure you can enjoy yourself worry free

Although a diving medical will not be required, it is nevertheless strongly recommended for Scuba Courses. Further, a diving medical may uncover conditions or issues you may not be aware of, for example Ear, nose and throat, or lung function issues, and which could expose you to risk of serious injury or death while diving. Australian Standard AS4005.1 and SPUMS both recommend a diving medical be completed.  There is no where a dive medical can be done in Exmouth.

The Advanced course has been designed to take a new diver and make them an advanced diver by giving them extra skills & follows on directly from open water with no extra dives.

3 to 4 days to learn properly, the course being performance based.

You can drive (rental cars are available in all major centres), or fly with Qantas into Learmonth, Exmouth’s airport. A shuttle service runs from the airport into Exmouth. Hire cars must be arranged before you arrive. Contact your travel agent for travel arrangements/flight information. You can easily book your flights to/from Exmouth on Qantas.com

There is a shuttle service that meets each flight and will take you to your accommodation in Exmouth. The cost is $40 cash payable directly to the driver. There is no need to prebook this service unless you are travelling in a large group.

There are no shuttle services between the two towns so a hire car is the way to go. There are a few hire car companies in Exmouth that you will be able to hire a car from.

We can usually accommodate divers with only a day or two’s notice but suggest you book at least 3 or 4 days ahead. Dive courses need to be booked a couple of days before the start date. If you are joining an Open Water course, you need to have your medical completed (if you require one) before the course begins. Dive Medicals are not available in Exmouth. Seasonal tours, such as the manta rays, need to be booked 3 or 4 days in advance usually. Whale Shark Adventures should be booked as soon as you know the dates you will be here. If you are considering coming to Exmouth during or near the Australian school holiday periods you need to book everything well in advance. We will always try our best to get you on your desired tour whenever you contact us!

Our water temperatures stay pleasant all year round. At the start of the season in March, we dive in 3mm suits in temperatures ranging from 28C – 24C by July. In winter (July – November) we dive in 3mm suits or 5mm suits in water from 23C

Unfortunately this is an impossible one to answer! Our viz is mostly quite good (10m+), can be exceptional (25m+) or can be not so good (<5m). Our waters are plankton food rich, which is why we have such outstanding marine life feeding at Ningaloo. Viz will change with winds, tides and weather patterns – viz at some sites can clear up in a matter of hours. Our crew will always do their best to drop you in the best water on the day.

We provide all of the equipment you will need and drinking water on board. On all tours lunch/refreshments will also be included. You need only bring personal items, c-card and logbook.

YES! If we don’t sight your certification card you cannot dive with us so don’t forget it!! If you are a PADI or SSI diver we should be able to look your certification up online, but we suggest you don’t rely on this.

Yes, we always have experienced crew in the water and on our vessels.  Experienced divers are welcome to dive in their own buddy teams on most sites, without a dive guide, after listening to a dive brief.  Each diver in the buddy team not diving with one of our guides must have a safety sausage and a surface noise maker.  Our crew will inform you of the time limits on each dive. 

Our dive packages can be tailored so you do the dives you want to do – they can include seasonal tours, doing 3 or more dive courses, dives and combinations. Please contact us directly for more information.

BOOK MORE THAN ONE TOUR, pay in FULL for the most expensive tour & then receive a 10% discount off the other tours. This discount is only for tours that we run & are when booking direct. All discounts only apply to our regular prices, this does not include the navy pier, 3rd party tours, dive courses or DSD’s.


We have some tanks that will allow DIN fittings, but we use yoke fitting mainly in Australia. 

March thru to the End of October!! Exmouth has great Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks, Rays, Dugongs & 100’s of species of Reef & Pelagic Fishes. The diving is excellent throughout this Season. The calmest afternoons are in the Autumn; in the winter months we can get some wind and swell, but it rarely means missing a day’s diving! Below is a partial list of our more seasonal visitors in each area:


  • Whale Sharks – Early March through to early August
  • Manta Rays – mid/late May to November
  • Humpbacks – late May to November
  • Turtles – mating late September to December; laying October to January; seen on dive sites all year round

We don’t provide any accommodation. The best way to look is to follow this link to view the various types of accommodation in Exmouth.



We ensure you get the gear that suits your needs, you get full warranty & backup service. You also get the latest equipment, not out of date or superseded equipment. We offer parts for life when you buy Oceanic gear & get it serviced annually