Exmouth Snorkelling Tours – Underwater Fun For Everyone

Snorkelling is the ultimate holiday activity the whole family can enjoy. Regarded the world over as one of the top ranking accessible aquatic activities, snorkelling allows everyone to experience life undersea in all its colour and splendour. If you haven’t snorkelled before, you’ll never forget your first time; and if you have snorkelled before we guarantee you’ve never experienced a snorkelling adventure quite like the way we do things Exmouth-style!

Here on Western Australia’s North West Cape, we’re blessed with some of the ocean’s most spectacular assets, and we want you to encounter them all. With 25+ years’ experience under our dive belts, we know exactly where to drop anchor for the most memorable snorkel experiences. Our snorkel tours take you directly to the snorkelling hotspots of the Coral Coast, across two incredible locations:

  • Ningaloo Reef, situated in world-heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park, is the world’s largest fringing reef, and home to an abundance of marine life. It’s also the annual meeting place of the world’s biggest fish, whale sharks, and where humpback whales rest, play, and calf, on their annual migration cycle.
  • The North and South Muiron Islands, a pleasant nine-mile boat ride from Exmouth, offer incredible snorkelling experiences. The waters surrounding the Muiron Islands are alive with marine life, and home to numerous species of colourful coral, and breathtaking seascapes.

Snorkelling is for everyone – no experience required.

Snorkelling is not only the ultimate underwater escape – it’s fun, safe, educational, and something everyone from children to adults can fully participate in. If you’ve never snorkelled before, you don’t need hours of training. Regardless of your age or ability, in one short lesson our fully-qualified divemasters will have you confidently taking to the water with mask and snorkel and, if required, buoyancy vests for those who like a little extra flotation.

If you have snorkeled before, you’ll recognise the familiar thrill of excitement as you slip into the water and peer below the surface for the first time; absorbing the kaleidoscope of colour and life unfolding beneath you.

Take the plunge into the real life aquarium of Ningaloo Reef with our top reasons to book an Exmouth Snorkelling Tour:

  • Ningaloo Reef is home to over 450 different species of sea life, and 250 different species of coral – an incredible itinerary for optimal marine observation.
    An adventure snorkel tour offers the chance to say g’day to Exmouth’s most famous locals – whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, and turtles – up close and personally!
  • Every Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo snorkel tour includes all equipment, drinks and snacks, and a delicious buffet lunch served aboard our comfortable fully-equipped vessels.
  • Our snorkel tours are designed with the flexibility and convenience to fit with your travel plans. You can explore the outer reef with snorkel tours ranging from four hour’s duration, right through to full day or two-day eco adventures for the ultimate in reef, whale shark, or humpback encounters.
  • Our snorkel tours represent affordable fun for everyone from couples to corporate groups. With tours starting from just $129 per person, the whole family can experience the bucket list adventure of a lifetime without blowing the travel budget.
  • Snorkelling is one of the most relaxing pursuits you can do for your mind, body, and soul. It provides the ultimate escape from the hectic pace of ‘land life’, offering a sense of tranquility and peace that’s hard to rival.

Snorkel Ningaloo Reef and the Muiron Islands today

Click here to explore our full range of all-inclusive snorkel tours, and see for yourself why Ningaloo Reef is regarded as Australia’s most unique snorkel and dive destination.

With the safety of both our guests and the marine life that call the crystal waters of the Exmouth coast home as our top priority, everybody in the water is guaranteed a fin-tastic experience!