Exmouth & Ningaloo

The Seasons Of Ningaloo Reef

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Posted: 16th January 2022

Here's our season-by-season overview of the amazing marine life you can expect to see and experience when you join one of our Exmouth snorkel, dive, or swim adventure tours.

Swimming with Whalesharks in Australia

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Posted: 30th May 2021

Exmouth is a double whammy…it’s really about the Range and the Reef. The perfect combination of the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo coast Marine Park and the impressive landscapes of the Cape Range National Park make Exmouth a must-visit destination. There are plenty of reasons to visit and allow 4-6 nights or more to get the most out of your stay! Apart from the numerous tours with Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo, other top highlights include swimming with giant Mantarays and Humpback Whales, experience some snorkelling or diving on the Ningaloo Reef, visit the Jurabi Turtle Centre to view nesting marine Turtles, catch a scenic flight or go fishing and don’t miss an outback adventure in the Cape Range National Park.

Preparing For Whale Shark Season On Ningaloo

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Posted: 25th February 2020

They’re on their way! When the annual whale shark season swings around at Ningaloo, there’s definitely something in the water. The energy and excitement that sweeps Exmouth is more than a six-month celebration—it’s testimony to the love, awe, and respect locals hold for the ocean’s gentlest giants.

Ningaloo Reef - Top 10 Interesting Facts

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Posted: 1st November 2019

Whether you’ve visited Ningaloo Reef before, or you’re yet to tick a trip to Exmouth off your bucket list, we’re sure you’ll find the following top 10 interesting facts about World-heritage listed Ningaloo Reef Marine Park as truely amazing as we do!

Exmouth Snorkelling Tours - Underwater Fun For Everyone

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Posted: 12th July 2019

If you haven’t snorkelled before, you’ll never forget your first time; and if you have snorkelled before we guarantee you’ve never experienced a snorkelling adventure quite like the way we do things Exmouth-style!

Scuba Diving Around Exmouth & Ningaloo Reef

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Posted: 1st July 2019

Scuba dive one of Australia’s most unique dive locations. There’s an old saying in scuba circles: We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. These words are particularly pertinent for the dive experiences on offer in our remarkable corner of the world.

Ningaloo & Exmouth - What to See and Do

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Posted: 26th March 2019

While undoubtedly, the waters of World-heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park are the main drawcard to Exmouth for visitors from all over the world, there’s much more to Exmouth than the wonders of the Reef. Here’s our list of top things to see and do while you’re in Exmouth. There’s something to suit every taste, pace and budget.