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VolunTourism can be related to many different areas of tourism and in many different ways. This can involve ordinary people helping with the assistance of collecting data, that scientists use to help research the sustainability, impact and health of the environment that we are all enjoying.

Our Crew are very passionate about the Ningaloo Reef and surrounding areas. They are also very passionate on a global scale too, especially when it comes to wildlife in the wild.

From years of being in the water, we have a real affinity to the Ocean and respect it for all that it is. We have seen so many wonderous things, that we are compelled to do what we can to protect this beauty for the future, for all to enjoy and the health of the planet. 

So this is what we do:- 

The collecting of data by us is called 'Citizen Science programs' and we are involved in quite a few.

The main areas that we collect data on are the date & location of, frequency, types of, size, sex, behaviour and special or unusual markings etc. 

Animals that we look at are Whalesharks, Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks in general, Jelly Fish, All Fish, Nudibranchs, Dugongs.


These are transferred to data books from various organizations like Department of Parks & Wildlife, Project Manta, Fish Fins etc.

Where possible we photgraph the animal to help build a database of known individuals. These pictures are taken of particular parts of the animal that form a so called unique finger print, that then ID's the animal & if it is the first recorded sighting, have the chance to give it a unique registered personal name. I am keen to have a Manta Ray named after me, so I am always on the lookout for that opportunity to be involved. You too have this chance to put your name on a scientific document, it's really that easy.

So What do we expect of you?

Thats the great part........Nothing more than you are happy to give.

If you have a camera, thats great. Ask us lots of questions & we will guide you on taking ID shots.

If you are just enjoying the day & happy looking around, just let us know if you see anything unusual.

This can be anything you think could be interesting. We all have different levels of experience and a fresh keen look at the underwater world often reveals things that often can get overlooked by the more seasoned eyes.

Thanks for lending a hand and I hope you get the same immense pleasure and a little more understanding from the unique Ocean world.