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Exmouth Diving Centre

Payne St, PO Box 798

Exmouth , Western Australia, 6707

Ph +61 8 9949 1201; Fax +61 8 9949 1680


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Our booking and cancellation information – ESSENTIAL READING!


All enquiries for Exmouth Diving Centre and accommodation at the Pot Shot Resort can be made via the email address above.


You can make payments by calling the store on (08) 9949 1201 with your credit card details, or by emailing your MasterCard or Visa details to us on for ALL bookings. When booking, please complete the booking form with the correct itinerary, your Visa, MasterCard or AMEX details, names of divers/snorkellers, diver details and the amount to be charged. Please note that bookings made with a credit card attract a 2% surcharge, or ask to pay by direct debit. Direct debit transactions from outside Australia often attract a fee which must also be covered.



No bookings are confirmed until a deposit of $100 per person per tour is made (or $200 for a Course). Full payment is due at least 24 hours prior to your first booked tour date. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance. Date changes are subject to availability and must be made more than 48 hours in advance.


Special additional considerations for all dive courses:

Please plan extra time to complete your dive course in case of delays to our diving schedule. We cannot under any circumstances provide a refund/partial refund due to delays in completing a course due to adverse/unsafe weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.

We will ONLY fully refund your dive course, only if you are medically UN-FIT & provide a copy of your completed diving medical form signed by your doctor stating “PERMANENTLY UNFIT” prior to the beginning of the first day of the course. We will partially refund only if you provide a copy as above after the start of your course.


Dive medical information for Open Water Courses:

We strongly Insist that you Read 'The Medical Questionnaire'. If you need a medical, you must obtain your diving medical to the Australian Standard 4005.1 Before you arrive in Exmouth for your Open Water Course. Only your doctor can determine if he/she can complete the medical to this standard. Medicals are NOT available in Exmouth. Our diving Centre has no control over availability or costing of dive medicals and no course refunds will be given in the event medicals are not available or are deemed too expensive by the client.



Date changes for exclusive tours are permitted with 30 or more days notice only. A 20% payment is due to confirm your exclusive tour and this is not refundable. The 20% payment is not transferable to any tour, course or goods except to another available exclusive tour date with at least 30 days notice. Final payment is due at least 14 days prior to your booked date. For exclusive charters involving scuba dives, it is your responsibility to ensure your divers have their certification cards and are current in their diving skills.


We reserve the right to alter Dive Site Locations or cancel specific dives/tours/courses without notice due to weather, sea conditions, minimum numbers or other factors. We always recommend that you travel with flexibility in your itinerary and with travel insurance – please contact your local travel agent for details on the best travel insurance for your travel needs.

Dive Site Locations can change Due to Weather. We always Try to Anticipate Weather Conditions & May need to change schedules & dive locations to suit. No Refunds are available for dive site location changes. We will gladly refund the difference between Reef & Muiron Island trips, when these locations are changed.

Sea Sickness: It can happen to anyone on any tour. Please make sure you are prepared before your tour – it is too late once you are on the boat. As we are not a pharmacy we cannot sell medication. You can purchase anti-motion sickness tablets etc at Exmouth Pharmacy (9am-5pm most weekdays; closed Saturday afternoon & Sunday…check with them for complete opening times) and the Supermarket in Coral Bay. Exmouth Diving Centre, Exmouth, does not supply seasickness tablets. We cannot give refunds for sea sickness


Your Last Dive: You will need to show your certification card for our tours. If you have not logged dive within the last 12 months you may be required to do a refresher session with us before your tour. Please let us know at time of booking so we can arrange this for you. We reserve the right to refuse to let a diver who does not meet these requirements dive on a booked tour and no refund will be issued.


Diving in a buddy team without a guide: You may be able to dive without a guide, in a buddy team, if the conditions permit. Each diver in an independent buddy team must have a suitable timing device, safety sausage and a surface noise maker.


Repeat policy for Exmouth Diving Centre’s Whale Shark Swim Tour Exmouth, Western Australia:

We cannot guarantee sightings of any creature, nor do we control their behaviour, as they are all wild animals in their natural environment. In the unlikely event that no whale shark is sighted on your Whale Shark Adventure Tour with Exmouth Diving Centre in Exmouth, we offer ONE FREE REPEAT tour to each paying passenger to be taken within 3 years of issue. Repeat tours are not transferable to another party/season/tour/location/date and no refunds are available. Please note that availability for repeat tours may be limited – especially near Easter and the Western Australian school holidays. Exmouth Diving Centre always recommends that you travel with some flexibility in your schedule and that you travel with travel insurance. A Free Video & Photos of your tour will only be available on your successful tour & will not be produced on a Non-sighting day.