Running Until November Whale Watching and the unique oportunity to Swim with these fantastic Mammals.

Humpback Whale Swim, Whale Watching & Reef Snorkel Tour

Book your very special Opportunity to swim with a Humpback Whale.

The Humpback Whales at this time of year (August) start to rest after their long migration North from the Antarctic.  After mating or calving, the long wait begins before heading south again for the summer feeding grounds back in Antarctica. This congregation is a huge phenomena in the area of Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth.  With over forty thousand mammals passing our doorstep, it is said to be one of the largest migration routes.  Now that the Humpback Whale is no longer on the endangered species list, the Department of Parks & Wildlife have been given the authority to licence some existing operators to create a swim with Humpback Whale program.  

We will be authorised to allow a maximum of 5 swimmers in the water with a guide & Videographer, to catch that special moment. 

How will this work?

We will run a Whale Swim/Whale Watching cruise on one of our great boats and will offer to the first ten passengers, who want the opportunity to swim with these wonderful creatures, the exclusive 'swim program'. This will be limited to a pre-booking of ten passengers per cruise ( two groups of five), but will be available to extra whale watchers to upgrade to the 'swim program' if the opportunity arises.

We have special permission to approach a Humpback Whale within 50 Metres with our boats, which is half the distance of any other whale watching cruise in Australia. This will give a very special close-up view for non-swimmers to enjoy the whales as they display their playful antics as they relax in the warm tropical waters of Exmouth. 

The swimmers, with the careful watch of their guide, will slide into the water and approach the Humpack Whale. We have strict distance guidelines and safety is paramount in these very special encounters. To be with such a gentle giant in a unique close encounter, you will be the envy of all your friends and have the free video to prove it.

So book your once in a lifetime chance to be a Humpback Whale swimmer. ENQUIRY

We travel to the Ningaloo Reef to view the whales cruising the reef, then enjoy a snorkel on the reef looking at all of the beautiful fish & amazing marine life...Then we use our own private Plane to guide us in for a succesful Humpback Whale Swim. A private dedicated Plane is the only way to have reasonable success with these elusive mammals. This is a dedicated Whale Swim Tour. (Don't get fooled with a promise of a Whale swim on an Eco Tour).

Whale Swim Adults $399, Kids under 16 $330, Whale Watch only - Adults $175, Kids under 16 $115

Whale watchers can upgrade to a Whale Swim by paying the difference.

Exmouth Gulf SunSet  Whale Watch Tour

The Whale watching season in Exmouth, must be the best in Australia. The months of July thru October see these amazing giants frolic in the Gulf.

Our favourite charter would be the sunset whale watching tour, we get to see pods of whales slapping fins, breaching & generally chilling out on the surface. They are very inquisitive & often swim over to get a closer look at us! The gulf is super calm this time of year and makes for an unfogettable experience. We watch a beautiful sunset & celebrate with a complementary drink & nibbles. The perfect way to end a great day on the Ningaloo Reef.      

$75 Adults, Kids under 16 cheap $55 & Senior discounts too $65, Family-2 adults 2 kids under 16 $195

(Humpback Whale Swim not scheduled for this tour)


This is the budget tour that we run out of Whaleshark season. We spend the day looking for all types of wildlife. With the chance to swim with Whalesharks, Manta Rays, Humpback Whales. We share a Plane for a maximum of 2 Hours, to keep costs down. The Budget Tour has no guarantee and you will only have a small chance to swim with a Humpback Whale or Whaleshark.

Adults $285, Kids under 16 $215, Observer Only $95

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