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Join the World's leading WhaleShark Swim team 

Aboard Our Super Stable 18M Boat Mahi Mahi 2

WhaleShark Swim(Rhincodon Typus)

This fish, the largest of the shark family and the largest fish in the world, is a harmless plankton eater. Reported to reach 18 metres (60ft) but averages 12 metres (40ft) in length, the whale shark is easily identified by its huge size, wide mouth and distinctive pattern of white spots. Thought to mainly inhabit worldwide temperate and tropical seas, it is rarely seen in shallow coastal waters, but is a daily visitor to the Ningaloo Reef every year between late March to July when up to 30 whale sharks have been spotted close to the reef feeding on the plankton in the nutrient rich waters.

The "Worlds Leading Whale Shark Swim Team" invites you to experience a unique ocean experience in swimming with the largest fish in the ocean. From late March to July each year the Whale Sharks converge on the nutrient rich waters of the Ningaloo Reef. Exmouth Diving Centre's professional crew will take you on a sensational day of adventure that you will never forget.

Exmouth Diving Centre would like to advise all of our customers we will, in the unlikely event of not sighting a Whale Shark on your tour with us from Exmouth, give ONE FREE WhaleShark Swim tour on any available spot within the next 3 years. All of our customers should give themselves a little extra time in Exmouth just in case. Contact us for complete details and booking information!

Whale Shark Ningaloo Reef

If you can swim and snorkel, you too can safely experience the excitement and wonder of swimming with the world's largest fish. If you can't snorkel, we can teach you.

Tours operate late March – July (Daily)

Snorkellers only: $385 ,  Children under 16: $245 ,  Observer: $240 ,  Family 2 adults  +  

2 children : $1200      


This price includes :

  • FREE Pictures of your Whaleshark Swim Tour
  • An unforgettable day on board our well-equipped vessel, with the World's Leading WhaleShark SwimTeam
  • Quality service and handy tips to maximise your time spent with the Whale Sharks
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and refreshments throughout the day
  • For all of our WhaleShark Swim Adventures, we employ a light aircraft to fly overhead throughout the day to spot each shark and guide the boat to it. Our plane time is NOT limited to two hours.
  • Fully qualified and experienced Crew who will answer your questions, help with your gear and brief you on how to get the most from your day!
  • All DPaW fees
  • Good 'Whaleshark Swim' Guarantee in the unlikely event no whale shark is sighted on your Whale Shark Adventure with us or you just didn't get a good swim. We offer a free repeat tour on standby, yours to take in the next 3 years. (conditions apply).

Your Crew will brief and assist you throughout the day with information about the Whale Sharks: sex, behaviour, feeding patterns, how to take photos and more. They will also instruct you on how to best approach and swim with the Whale Sharks, so that your encounter with the world's largest fish is a truly memorable one.

With Mutual Respect

The Whale Sharks we visit are exceptionally consistent in their habits and successful encounters are extremely reliable. But please remember we are visiting wild animals in their own environment. We ask you to approach each encounter with caution and respect, and never to presume we have any control over their appearance or actions whatsoever. These whale sharks favour our encounters with curiosity and much tolerance.

We like to return the favour.

At Exmouth Diving Centre it is our goal to give all customers satisfaction with all trips, courses and products.

A 20% deposit confirms your booking, with full payment due on the day of tour. 

We offer a complete diving service, with professional and helpful staff. Talk to us about our other diving charters, courses and services - we are only too willing to assist!

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